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AS Fortem Group which started operating in 1994 is mostly specialised in the production of kitchen furniture characterised by high standard and individuality. Highly experienced staff of the company endeavours to achieve maximum mobility and ensure the satisfaction of even the most demanding clients. Constant improvements have secured the company a stabile position in the Estonian market of kitchen furniture, a network of representations has been established in each bigger city. Special attention has been paid to the quality of materials and to the requirements of environmental safety.

In the recent years great stress has been laid on the improvement of client servicing. This in mind a system of representations has been developed and a kitchen furniture design program, unique in the whole Baltic states, has been introduced in order to improve client servicing and develop new possibilities. The program enables the client to see the true colours of his future furniture as well as its location in the kitchen.

In short, our activity is based on one goal - to offer a wide range of possibilities and attend to each client individually

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