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Kitchens – made-to-order kitchens, kitchen furniture and stylish kitchen appliances and fittings

Kitchens should put a smile on the face of everyone that uses them – after all, we spend a lot of our lives in them. Stylish kitchens offer their users comfort, convenience and satisfaction. One of the most important design elements of a kitchen is its furniture.

We are pleased to be able to offer you a wide range of stylish kitchen furniture and fittings. Our factory produces made-to-order kitchens that are designed to meet all of your needs and wishes. Thanks to our individual approach, the design projects we undertake are sure to provide you with the stylish, practical and cosy kitchen you have always wanted.

Stylish kitchens
All of our kitchen furniture is developed on the basis of original designs which are completely contemporary and thought out to the smallest detail. We use only the highest quality materials to produce our kitchens. We are absolutely sure that our designs will bring a smile to your face.

In designing our kitchens we take all of your wishes into account, which is why you will feel so at home in them. We provide the following services:

  • your kitchen designed for you by experienced specialists based on your needs and wishes
  • delivery and assembly of your kitchen furniture in the shortest possible time
  • installation of kitchen appliances and fittings
  • maintenance of kitchen furniture during and after the warranty period by experienced specialists


Beauty and function – the two qualities we strive to create harmony between in designing our kitchens.


Standard apartment designs are constantly evolving, which is why modern kitchen furniture also has to keep pace with new design trends.

Any model can have non-standard elements added to it.

All of our models have their small, functional details that work to improve the ergonomics of the kitchen space and will make the time you spend in it easier and more enjoyable.

All of our furniture (including non-standard elements) is produced on ultra-precise workbenches using only the highest quality parts and materials. We adhere strictly to our production technology in manufacturing both standard and non-standard elements.

Kitchen prices

Every one of our kitchens is designed individually on a per-project basis. The price of a kitchen depends on the model you choose, how you would like the different parts to be assembled and the equipment, appliances and accessories you select.
That is why we recommend that you visit a showroom displaying our products, where a studio designer, having measured your kitchen space, will come up with a design especially for you, taking into account all of your wishes, and draw up a detailed list of the cost of each part of your order. This is the only way you will determine the correct price.

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