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Buying a kitchen is not just about signing a contract. The lion’s share of the process involves a range of services:

  • measuring work
  • design work
  • weighing up how functional different elements are and selecting parts
  • producing technical elements
  • selecting the kitchen table and chairs
  • choosing accessories
  • delivery and installation
  • maintenance during and after the warranty period

We take good care of our clients, paying close attention to service at every stage of the process. In using our services you will save yourself a lot of time and a lot of running around from one showroom to the next.

When you buy from us you can get everything you need from the one place: built-in equipment, dining tables and chairs, sinks, taps and a full range of accessories, all delivered at the same time as your kitchen.

The professional designers from our studios, who undergo special training before and while working for us, measure your kitchen space and draw up designs accordingly.

Delivery and installation play an enormous role in determining how long our kitchen will last, because installing modern kitchen furniture is an extremely complex process. Our specialist installers are fully responsible for the quality of the work they do. After installation we offer maintenance both during and after the warranty period, guided as ever by the interests of our clients.

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